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Tiger Service Awards

2 years of service

Christian Gonzalez
Keri Sanchez
Keragan Ettleman
Greyson Konarski
Zac Lounsbury
Geneva Brown
Rebecca Pierce
Marcin Szczyglowski

5 years of service

Allen Bertsche
Lori Seager

10 years of service

Don Herbst
Marcus Moreno
Josh Ortiz
Stephanie Wurtz
Jason Stewart

15 years of service

Heather Oelklaus

20 years of service

Amy Brooks
Bill Dove

25 years of service

Ed Wojakowski

January – March 2024

Welcome to CC!

New Arrivals
  • Brandon Kellner, AV Events Assistant
  • Alana Adams, Assistant Curator of Collections
  • Lily Provenzano, Assistant Director, Annual Giving
  • Stefanie Nava Rumbo, Administrative Assistant
  • Crystal Page, Assistant Director, Operations
  • Chris Burnett, Director, Outdoor Education
  • Jamie Cotten, Photographer & Photo Editor
  • Dawn Moore, Associate Director, Robson Arena
  • Kelsey Brouwer, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
  • Jon Adams, Patron Services Associate

Updated March 2024


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